You can add a variety of useful backgrounds to any Notepad to help enrich and empower the way you organise notes.

You can activate backgrounds from the settings menu for each page.

Each page can be set to have a different background to help you make the most of your sessions.

Setting a background

Background: Backgrounds can be set for each page individually. You can choose from a selection of useful predefined backgrounds or use the handy tool to define, name and create your own. The default backgrounds available are:
                • SWOTT
                • One Week
                • Month by week
                • Kanban
Please note that predefined backgrounds are fixed sizes.

Custom background properties: You can add rows and columns to your custom background simply by giving them names in the Row/Column names box one per line. Set the width of columns and rows by adding the widths in pixels to the appropriate boxes.

Predefined Backgrounds


Organise your notes to highlight Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends in this colourful and powerful background.

One Week

Short term plans can easily be scheduled and reviewed using this background.

Month by Week

Use this month background for planning medium term projects.


Use this productivity background to streamline workflows